Business Intelligence

As complexities in enterprise environments increase and data continues to augment , the need to stay ahead of competitors has made predictive analytics in many organizations a strategic imperative.


Alyx Technologies aknowledges the importance of fast, reliable visualization of business analytics.  We’ve partnered with IBM to provide Cognos 10, the leader in Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.  



Dashboard and Reports

  • Develop customized, flexible reporting templates to meet specific needs

  • Share results using email notifications, social media plug-ins, and Lotus Connections

  • Format reports intuitively with drag-and-drop and content filters

  • Brand and personalize layouts with colors, text, and comments

  • Drill up/down through reports, modify filter settings and result display results format



  • Integrate seamlessly with current office applications

  • Produce fast statistical modeling and “what-if” projections

  • Align cross-functional decision-making

  • Integrate with MS Office and SPSS Modeller

  • Import/export data in widely-used formats like CSV, .xls, SPSS



  • Monitor performance using custom key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • Utilize Balanced Scorecards to track goal attainment and project progression

  • Create status notifications and track plan-versus-actual data segments

  • Assign user roles for each metric category to ensure efficient delegation

Cognos BI Capabilities