Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Systems (‘kognɪtɪv sistem’) -  Applying human-like characteristics to conveying and manipulating ideas, that when combined with the inherent strengths of digital computing can help users address problems with higher accuracy, more resilience, and on a massive scale over very large bodes of information.


Digital Data growth is accelerating as more of the world's business and social activity is expressed digitally. Not only is it increasing in volume, but also in speed, variety and uncertainty. Most data now comes in unstructured forms such as video, images, symbols and natural languages. This explosion in data is referred to as Big Data in the industry.


A new computing model is needed in order for businesses to process and make sense of Big Data, and enhance and extend the expertise of human intelligence. Rather than being programmed to anticipate every possible answer or action needed to perform a function or set of tasks, Cognitive Computing systems are trained using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to sense, predict, infer and, in some ways, think.


For the past several years, Alyx Technologies has been on the forefront of helping customers to manage unstructured data. We are now leveraging the new paradigms of Cognitive Computing to help our customers in solving critical business problems.