Information Lifecycle Governance (ILG)

Alyx Technologies has extensive experience implementing Information Lifecycle Governance (ILG) solutions based on IBM's ILG platform. This platform, recognized as the leader by analysts such as Gartner, provides a unified approach to meet the enterprise information governance challenges of Legal, IT, Lines of Business, and Records and Information Management (RIM).  There are four pillars to ILG:


  • Rigorous, efficient eDiscovery

    • Issue and automate legal holds with precision across data sources

    • Collect, cull and assess evidence and control costs

    • Manage custodians, collections and data source obligations in concert with IT

  • Records and Retention Management

    • Manage global taxonomy and retention schedules for all information

    • Coordinate retention program across business units, records liaisons and legal more efficiently 

    • Manage records in disparate systems in a centralized manner

    • Syndicate and enforce retention schedules on structured and unstructured records and information

  • Value-Based Archiving

    • Archive email files, application data, and social content based on its business value

    • Retain, hold and dispose of archived content efficiently

    • Govern structured and unstructured archives with unified policy management and automation

    • De-duplicate and compress data to reduce storage space and cost 

  • Governance and Disposal

    • Get transparency to legal and business obligations and policies for data in a shared data source catalog 

    •  Automatically apply retention schedules and legal holds on data to consistently dispose of unnecessary data

    • Defensibly dispose of unnecessary structured and unstructured data

    • Curb storage growth and manage data by its value

Organizations have traditionally approached these as singular challenges, not recognizing that they are inter-dependent.  Mitigating risk and significantly reducing cost requires transparency of the obligations to specific data within numerous enterprise systems and environments.  To address the tremendous growth of data in the IT environment overall – that must be administered and maintained – as well as sometimes migrated  - there must be regular, defensible, disposal of data – enabled by the transparency of the obligations for further retention or “hold”.


In many organizations the difficulty and complexity of defensible disposal has resulted in the growth of data volumes that outpace budget growth and needed business controls.  Information volumes add millions of dollars to direct storage costs every year.  Governance processes have not matured to address these growing volumes.


This leads to excess data and cost as well as operational challenges that contribute to risk, such as:


  • Difficulty of disposing of unnecessary data

  • Complexity in applying legal holds

  • Inefficiencies in data management and governance


Our information governance solutions have been validated by customers to lower costs and risk as well as improve governance processes.  This is because IBM’s solution uniquely addresses the seemingly disconnected issues of Legal, Records Management, Lines of Business, and IT by unifying those processes and providing transparency of obligations and reducing risk and complexity for all constituents.


Unique benefits you gain and differentiators for the ILG solution are:


  • Optimizing the capability for defensible disposal and attendant cost savings by syndicating applicable policies to both structured and unstructured data.  In some organizations, as much as 80 percent of data growth is unstructured data and not addressing this would reduce benefits significantly.

  • Addressing all four of the necessary elements of disposal: hold & collect evidence, archive for value & dispose, retain records & dispose, and dispose of data debris.  The first three are prerequisites to identifying and then disposing of the data debris which normalizes the growth curve and provides recurring cost savings.

  • Providing the most cost effective approach to archiving with the capability to execute specific policies on specific stored or legacy data prior to archiving – which has been demonstrated to yield up to 80 percent reduction in data volume.  The remaining can then be archived and compressed to result in even greater reduction in data storage costs and more efficient access and administration.

  • Addressing the root cause of data growth and year over year increases in data storage costs and increasing risk – sustaining the process of defensible disposal over time – by linking duties and value to specific information and specific information assets.  Whether viewed one at a time, or all at once – the IBM ILG solution recognizes that the people and processes of ILG are inextricably linked – and we support them.

  • Only ILG solution in the marketplace that has been developed and refined based on the thought leadership and insights of the executive founder and Fortune 500 company executive members of the Compliance Governance and Oversight Council (CGOC).  These participating organizations have the most complex challenges, highest risk profiles, and most to benefit or lose from the strategies and investments they make in information governance.

  • Avoiding time and costs to integrate piece parts of a comprehensive ILG solution to achieve the benefits and cost savings of defensible solution provided by the out-of-the-box integrated IBM ILG solution.