Systems Integration

Organizations often have significant investments in legacy line of business applications (LOA). These LOAs often support mission-critical processes, but can sometimes act as silos of actionable information, and don't benefit from information in other systems. Alyx Technology experts can works with our customers to analyze available information sources, understand the uses of that information in the various business processes, and integrate these disparate systems so each benefits from the information assets in others.


Alyx Technologies helps its customers realize measurable efficiencies after implementing a centralized approach to their back-office and strategic information workflow processes.  We can integrate modern enterprise content management platforms, and big data analytics to bring together a client's information assets in actionable ways. Integration services include:


  • Strategy and planning

  • IT modernization services

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Content and records management

  • Information security and compliance

  • Project management and support

  • Workflow solutions